Pensioner’s Loan
These loans issued to retirees or pensioners where their future pension payments are used as collaterals.
Under this type of loan, the pensioner will receive a lump sum of money repayable by certain amount of his/her pensions.
Mode of payment
The loan is paid under consideration of his/her pension amount.
Amount payable
Depending on fulfillment of other eligibility criteria the retiree is entitled for payment of  up to twenty millions Tanzania Shillings.

The eligibility Criteria
The following are the qualification criteria:

  • Member should be confirmed by ZSSF
  • Submit all the required documentations per the forms issued by ZSSF and TPB
  • Retiree  shall guarantee monthly deductions from ZSSF  pension to TPB deduction code
  • 1/3 of retiree pension shall be considered before disbursement of the loan,
  • Duration of the loan will vary depending on the loan amount.
  • The loan is insured against death or permanent disability of a pensioner thus, the liability will not bind members of his/her family
  • Does not require the pensioner to provide any tangible security