In this scheme, old-age and other benefits are provided to members subject to their work record or the contributions they have paid during their working lives.
Benefits may be earnings-related or paid on flat-rate basis, or a combination of both. This would determined when employer and employed completely registered by ZSSF.

In order that liable employers and employees can be brought within the scope of the contribution system, they must be registered with the ZSSF mandatory scheme.
Every employer shall be liable to register in the prescribes manner as a contributing employer to the Fund within 14 days from the date of announcement of the Act meanwhile shall also be liable to register its employees as beneficiaries within 14 days after commencement employment.
The information needed from an employer at the time of registration will usually include:
1.    Certificate of registration
2.    Tin number
3.    Memorandum  and Article of Association (if applicable)
4.    Certificate of  In -corporation

But the information needed from an employee during the registration will:
1.    A copy of birth certificate\ Zanzibar ID
2.    Colored photo

Benefits Offered for ZSSF Mandatory Scheme

  • Old Age Benefits
  • Invalidity Benefits
  • Survivor’s Benefit
  • Maternity Benefits
  • Education loan
  • Start-up life loan
  • Pensioners loan