Any person who is willing to join the scheme shall fill a registration form and attach one colored passport size photo. Mandatory information fields’ will include:
•    Full names
•    Date of Birth
•    Full address and contacts details
•    Occupation of an applicant
After registration, a new member will be given a unique membership number, an Identity Card, together with an instructions manual on different contribution remittance modes/methods.

Benefits Offered for ZSSF Voluntary Scheme

•    Old Age Benefit
Old Age (Retirement) Benefit is one of the long-term benefits offered by ZSSF paid to a member who attains retirement age and retired. The voluntary retirement age is 55 years and compulsory retirement age is 60 years for both male and female members.

•    Invalidity Benefits
Invalidity benefit is one of the long-term benefits offered by the Fund paid to a member who lost the ability to work due to physical or mental disability after the state certified by the Board of Physicians.

•    Survivor’s Benefits
Provided only that a member is deceased before retirement age and pension, that Survivors Benefits will be paid to the heirs. Survivors Benefits will be all benefits due to the deceased member, provided that the Fund will deliver the Survivors Benefits to the religious institution to which the member belonged for the purpose of being shared among his/her heirs.

•    Education Benefits
This benefit enables ZSSF members to improve their levels of education and profession which conveys a better life of members.