Employee  (Beneficiary member)
Employees are registered ZSSF members from Ministries and Government departments, Private Sectors which include Companies, Private Organizations, NGOs, and Organizations established in the Informal Sector, Parastatal Organizations.

The ZSSF Act stipulated that the employee shall contribute 7% of his or her monthly salary which is liable for the ZSSF member’s contribution.

Contribution shall be submitted to ZSSF not less than 15 days since the end of month which the employee salary made effectively.

It is the responsibility of the employee to ensure he / she is registered in the Zanzibar Social Security Fund and get membership card within fourteen days after singing contract with the employer.

Employee has a duty of monitoring the submission of his contributions from his employer.

After registered, members will be able

  • To access contribution statements, status of their claimed benefits and pension information.
  • To have membership card upon such member filling and submitting SSF4 form.