Unemployment Benefits

It is a short term benefit paid in accordance with the conditions described under the Zanzibar Social Security Fund Act, No.2 of 2005 following the introduction of such benefit through the Written Law (Miscellaneous Amendment) Act, No.5 of 2022 and the procedures described in the Zanzibar Social Security Fund (Unemployment Benefit Regulations, 2022).


The member shall apply for an unemployment benefit by filling an application form No. SSF 14 as described in the Schedule of ZSSF Unemployment Benefit Regulations, 2022.

1. The shall fill the application form an unemployment benefit, filled out in full, accompanied by:
i. A personal letter of application for an unemployment benefit.
ii. A letter of termination of employment, dismissal or expiration of the contract of employment from the last employer of the relevant member.
iii. Confirmation that the member is not in any other employment from the Labor Commission or Public Service Office Zanzibar and an Oath from any Court in Zanzibar.
iv. The copy of employment contract that ended in which the applicant was employed through that Contract.
v. Bank Statement.
vi. Any other document required by the Fund.


1. An Unemployment Benefit is paid in one of the following ways:-
i.  Refunds of all contributions to a member who has contributed to the Fund for a period of eighteen months and not exceeding thirty-six months.
ii.  Refunds of all contributions plus an interest of one percent of the total contributions of the member for a period starting from thirty-six months and not exceeding sixty-five years.
iii. Payment of twenty percent of the total salary of the best six (6) months to a member who has contributed to the Fund for a period of more than sixty-five months.

2. A member will be paid unemployment benefit in only one of the three ways based on the number of months of contribution and no member will be paid unemployment benefit in more than one way at the same time.
3. Unemployment benefit payments will be paid directly into the member’s bank account.
4. The Fund will pay unemployment benefit after the member completes the application procedures in one lump sum.