Zanzibar Social Security Fund has developed Employer’s Web Portal which facilitates employers and other customers with access to initiate and process payments online.

ZSSF Employer’s Portal designed to simplify payment process through integrated systems with banks and mobile money service by using Control Number to uniquely identify a certain payment. The portal is accessible through web browsers in cross-platform devices such as laptops, desktop computer, tablets, and smartphones with the available internet connection.

Web Portal Features

The web portal has been designed using the latest technology to ensure interactivity and multiple features include;  

  • New account self-registration (Employer/Customer)
  • View/edit profile details.
  • Upload/create/retrieve employees list
  • Create Contribution Invoice
  • Generate Control Number
  • View Invoice records (Published invoices/Invoice payment/ Penalty Invoices)
  • View contribution records
  • Sending feedback

How to Access ZSSF Employer’s Portal?

User to ZSSF’s Employer’s portal must be an authorized person who is granted this role by institute’s highest authority. Authorized personnel can perform self-registration when his/her contact details are updated in ZSSF system. In order to update these details, Employer or Customer has to fill Online Access Request Form and submit it to ZSSF.

Download Online Access request Form by clicking the links below:

Online Access Application Form