As per the Section 7(2), of the Act, composition of the Board is as follows:-

a.    A Chairman who shall be appointed by the President;
b.    The Managing Director of the Zanzibar Social Security Fund;
c.    Six (6) other members appointed by the Minister as follows:-

i.    Two (2) representatives from the Government;
ii.    Two (2) representatives from the Zanzibar Federation of Trade Unions;
iii.    Two (2) representatives from the Zanzibar Association of the Employers;

The members are highly qualified and experience in business, economics social security and other related fields capable for efficiency of the Fund. Among other functions, the Board supervises the general management and administrator of the Fund and ensures that members or their dependent get their benefits as soon as they are due.

Board Committees
The Board of Trustees has two (2) committees each of which is composed of equal numbers of members except the Board Chairman. The members are selected by Chairman of the Board of Trustees based on knowledge and experience of the member. The committees are:
i.    Audit and finance committee
ii.    Project and Investment committee

Dkt. Suleiman R. Mohamed

Sabra I. Machano
Managing Director


Fatma I. Ali

Fatma E. Masimba

Seif S. Mwinyi

Kazija M. Msheba

Khamis S. Ali

Mohamed F. Mzee
Board Secretary