The Management is entrusted to the Managing Director who is in charge of the day-to-    day running of the Fund. The Fund has six (6) departments under the Managing Director which are:-

  • Human Resources and Administration
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Planning, Investments and Research
  • Customer Services
  • Information Communication and Technology and
  • Pemba Branch

Apart from the above six (6) departments, there are four (4) units which report directly to Managing Director’s office. These are overseen by heads of units. These units help in daily activities of the Fund. They include:

  • Legal Unit,
  • Internal Audit Unit,
  • Marketing and Public Relations Unit.
  • Procurement and Supplies Unit.

Sabra I. Machano
MSc. Finance
Managing Director

Khamis F. Thani
MSc. Social Protection
Customer Service Manager

Haji A. Ameir
Msc. IT & Management
ICT Manager

Hamad S. Hamad
MBA – Finance
Finance & Accounting Manager

Abduliaziz I. Iddi
Planning, Investment and Research Manager

Ali S. Ahmada
Human Resource And Administration Manager

Hakim F. Kimara
MSc. Development, Planning & Policy
Ag. Real Estate Manager

Jumanne J. Salamba
Msc. A&F, CPA(T)
Principal Internal Auditor

Amina M. Ame
MBA – Supply & Procurement.
Principal Procurement & Supplies

Mussa Y. Mussa
M. Art & Mass Comm.
Principal of Marketing & Public Relations

Iddi J. Shaaban
M. Financial Planning
Principal Risk Management Officer

Said O. Said
MSc. Financial & Accounting
Chief Accountant

Mohamed F. Mzee
LLM. Intellectual Property
Principal Legal Officer