ZSSF continues to expand its members’ information access channels, ZSSF has launched members portal.

ZSSF Members Portal is a web-based application designed for ZSSF members to access fund’s information and other related functions. The portal is accessible through cross-platform devices such as laptops, desktop computer, tablets and smartphones with the following minimum specifications:

  • Web browser
  • A viable internet connection


The web portal has been designed using the latest technology to ensure interactivity and multiple features listed as:  

  • New account registration
  • language change
  • Member view/edit own profile details
  • Password resetting
  • Members own access to statement
  • Members own access to monthly contribution
  • Members own access to benefits reports
  • Provision to test benefits such as Old Age, Survivor, Invalidity, Maternity.
  • Members own access to access to projections
  • Members own access to benefit application status
  • Members own access to ID Card status check
  • Contribution calculator
  • Benefit calculator
  • Complaints management
  • Google maps direction
  • Email ZSSF
  • ZSSF Social accounts integration; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

How to Access ZSSF Members Portal?

ZSSF Members Portal can be access by clicking the Members Portal image link from the ZSSF website or by click the link below. And this can be done through Desktop Computer, Laptops, Tablets or even the smartphone. You can login using the same credentials used to login to the Mobile App if already registered through Mobile app.

Click the image below to access your contribution statements, benefits and other membership information through ZSSF Members Portal.