Zanzibar President and Chairman of the Revolutionary Council Dr. Hussein Ali Mwinyi (Right) Cuts a ribbon as an Official Opening of ZSSF Building- Pemba.


Zanzibar Voluntary Social Security Scheme (ZVSSS)

The Second Vice President of Zanzibar Hon. Hemed Suleiman Abdulla with group photo of ZSSF

senior officers and Equity bank representative (right).

Zanzibar Voluntary Social Security Scheme (ZVSSS)

The ZSSF legal officer Mr. Ramadhan Juma Suleiman (standing right) speaks to the entrepreneurs of Muungoni Zanzibar on important of having membership in (ZVSSS).

Kariakoo Festival 2020

Managing Director and services for Ministry of Finance and Planning Zanzibar Mr. Ali Bakar Ishaq  speaks to the ZSSF Officials and participants of Kariakoo Festival held at Kariakoo on 10th December 2020.

Hon. Jamal Kassim visiting ZSSF HQ at Kilimani – Zanzibar

Minister of State, President’s Office, Finance and Planning, Hon. Jamal Kassim Ali (Left), makes a point on the ZSSF benefit payment procedure for eligible members from Managing Director of Zanzibar Social Security Fund Ms. Sabra Issa Machano (Right) at ZSSF Head Quarter on 01st December, 2020

ZSSF awareness meeting with House of Representatives’ Members

ZSSF Managing Director Ms. Sabra Issa Machano (Right) has reacts on participants questions concerning ZSSF during a one day Seminar held on Kariakoo Zanzibar.

House of Representatives speaker Hon. Zubeir Ali Maulid (Centre) make an opening remarks for the members of house during a one day Seminar conducted by ZSSF. Others were ZSSF Board of Trustees Chairman Dr. Suleiman Rashid (left) and Human Resources Manager Mr. Ali Suleiman.

A Cross Section of ZSSF Seminar participants held on 25th November at Kariakoo Zanzibar.