ZSSF Mobile App

ZSSF has launched an updated version of the ZSSF Mobile Applications, both Android and IoS.
Please visit the Google playstore or apple store to update or download ZSSF mobile application.

ZSSF as part of improving its customer services, support and efficiency has adopted the next generation platform by translating its web based open platform and other resources, into a mobile platform for easy user accessibility and experience through Smartphones both android and IoS.

How To Get Registered to Access ZSSF Mobile App

In order to get Registered with ZSSF Mobile, Every ZSSF Members Needs to update their profile by submitting their Correct phone number and Email information details to ZSSF Offices in order to be able to create the account through the mobile app.

Note that; You can not create the account through ZSSF if you have not update your details (phone number and email address) to ZSSF.

Why Should I use ZSSF Mobile App

ZSSF Mobile App helps ZSSF Members to access their information such as Member Statement and Contributions, Members benefits, Various application and ID card status, monthly contributions and benefit estimations, send their complains to ZSSF and receive complains feedback through the Mobile App or email address registered to ZSSF. You can also receive your member statement personally through SMS or Email upon request.

You can get access to other ZSSF Information such as Investments, Publications, News and Events, access to ZSSF Social Platforms etc.

ZSSF Mobile App Availability.

ZSSF Mobile App is available in Google play for Android users and App Store for IoS users.

Get connected to ZSSF Mobile Application to enjoy easy access of your membership information on your hand and always get updated.

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