Old Age

Old Age Benefit is one of the long-term benefit offered by ZSSF paid to a member who attain retirement age and retired.

The voluntary retirement age is 55  -59 years and compulsory retirement age is 60 years for both male and female members.

Old Age Benefit consists of:


This is (lump sum) paid to a retired person who attained the voluntary retirement age or compulsory retirement age and has also contributed to the Fund for a minimum period of 156 months.

Monthly Pension

These are benefits paid to a member at the end of each month since retirement until he/she dies.

Qualifying conditions

  • Beneficiary must be a registered member and contributor to the Fund.
  • Member should have attained the age of voluntary retirement or mandatory and retired.
  • Member should have contributed not less than 156 months before retirement.

Procedures for applying pension benefits.

In order member to get a pension, he/she is required to submit the following documents: –

  • Employer’s letter confirming his/her retirement.
  • Personal letter requesting retirement benefits.
  • One recent colored passport sized photographs of the member.
  • ZSSF membership card
  • Bank Statement: name of the bank, account name and account number of the applicant.
  • Application form (SSF10) which is available and filled in front of ZSSF Benefit’s Officer.

Additional features to ZSSF benefit.

  • ZSSF benefit is greater than any other Social Security Fund in Tanzania.
  • Benefit provided by ZSSF is paid immediately after member completes the relevant procedures.
  • Payment takes place between ZSSF and responsible member and not through employer, other institutions or anyone else.
  • ZSSF benefit do not discriminate; is provided to all members, nationals and non nationals of Tanzania, as stipulated in the ILO convention No. 102 of 1952.
  • Payment of Benefits information is confidential between ZSSF and member, or beneficiary’s payees.
  • Payments are paid in early day of the month by 25 or below, even if it is a weekend or in religious and national holiday